3 Benefits of Using Funding Research Software

If you are looking for funding for a research project, then you might not be sure where to start. It might be worth looking at funding research software packages. These systems give you access to a database of funding options. What are the advantages of using these systems?

1. Discover More Funding Opportunities

Depending on your research work and experience, you might get funding from a variety of different sources. For example, you might qualify to apply for government, institutional, academic or private support.

Even if you've worked in your sector for a while, you might not know about every funding opportunity open to you. You might have a narrow range of opportunities to choose from. You might struggle to get the funding you need to carry out your research.

A good funding research software package gives you access to a large database of opportunities and contacts. A larger database might introduce you to opportunities you haven't heard of or thought about before. The more targeted funding applications you can make, the greater your chances of success.

2. Target Your Application Searches

While it's useful to have a lot of funding options to choose from, you don't want to waste time applying for money you aren't going to get. A scattergun approach will simply waste your time and effort.

Funding research databases don't just list opportunities; they also give you enough information to help you find viable funding options. In some cases, you can also set up targeted searches on a database.

These searches have both immediate and longer-term benefits. For example, a search will return current opportunities which might work for you now. If you use a system with alerts, then it will tell you when new opportunities come up that match your profile or search parameters. You won't miss out on funding opportunities; however, you also won't waste time and effort applying for the wrong programs or grants.

3. Meet Application Deadlines

Sometimes, you find out about a perfect funding program only to then discover that you've missed its application date. Even if the program works regularly, say every year, then you'll have a long wait before it reopens again. If this is a one-off opportunity, then you really have missed out.

If you use funding research software, then you can plan your applications in advance. You can prioritise your applications by their closing date and work to that schedule.

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